Tuesday, August 31, 2010

Park Days Are Coming!

Who knew this child is deathly scared of a duck?

I had no idea! The poor thing nearly had convulsions! In her defense, she is only 1, and is just sitting in her stroller looking at the heathen sister of hers chasing all the ducks back into the water. She didn't know some stuck behind and didn't get caught in the "Wrath of Hayden" and instead wanted to quack in her face. I couldn't help but to take that picture, it was so sad, but I was kinda laughing too. Oops, that's where the awful Mom in me comes out at.

It finally got out of the high 90's and 100's for a couple of days, only long enough for us to go to the park for 2 of those days. Even long enough for me to open my windows at night and in the early mornings instead of overworking my AC and my electric bill. BUT I'm sitting here sweating once again, they hope for rain sometime later this week. I am NOT holding my breath. One day soon, hopefully it will get colder out. Then I can start going to the park again and walk off these good suppers I've been making! I'm sorry but they have been good! I'll be able to wear the kids out to where they want to actually take a nap or pass out instead of our daily arguments of trying to get them to lay down. In all seriousness though, the park wears me out too! Especially when its hot like this, its almost miserable. I get cranky when I'm hot and so do they! And you can always guarantee that there is that one kid bully at the park that has to just go off and piss off your kid and piss you off to in the process! One is throwing sand in your kids hair, or theres one that doesn't even give your a kid the chance to get off the bottom of the slide before they are pushing them off with their feet. It makes me want to go grab them by their feet and hang them upside down while I take them to their parents and thank them for having such a bully of a kid! There are also another type of kiddos though....the ones that ask you question after question. You feel like your being interrogated by a 3 year old. Actually now that I think about it I think she was interrogating me.

Me sitting in the sand playing with Sadie....

Annoying 3 year old girl with too many questions:
"Why is she sitting in the sand?"

"Because she is playing with the sand"

3 year old brat:
"Why is she eating the sand, that's gross!"

"Because I guess she is hungry"

3 year old demon child:
"Why is she not walking around not playing with me? That's not nice of her."

"Because its hard for her to walk in the sand and she wants to play with me"

3 year old Satan, as she is putting sand in Sadie's hair:
"Hahahahahahahaha! Now she has sand in her hair!"

Me, fuming, looking for her precious little Mommy
"That's not very nice, shes little and doesn't like sand in her hair"
(Still looking around for her Mom)

3 year old I'm about to strangle:
"I don't care"

"Well I care because I have to wash it, you wouldn't like sand in your hair! I think your Mommy is looking for you, where are your other friends at?"

Anyways this carried on for like 5 more minutes before I finally just picked up Sadie and put her on the slide, the kid won, I was ready to go! Am I the only one that has these issues at the park? Surely not!

Hayden acting like its her territory and scaring all the ducks away

The ducks are talking amongst themselves about the baby in the stroller they just prolly made go poopy in her diaper from being scared to death.

This was right before 3 year old terror came over to us

Hayden once again claiming her territory. I bet she could beat up that 3 year old! Why did I not think of that???????

Sorry I took a few days off from blogging, its been busy around here! Tomorrow I will be posting my weekend pizza from this past Saturday! Its super yummy! See y'all then!


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