Monday, August 9, 2010

80's Date Night...Well Sorta.

Now I'm sure alot of people do the whole movie and pizza night sorta thing and I'm happy to say I'm one of those people! Hubs and I have started our own little pizza and movie night for a couple of years now. Most of the time it was every Saturday night, but since I starting working nights and weekends, there's a couple of Saturday nights I'm gone to work (even though its not in my availability but whatever, it is what it is). We would order pizzas and make a big pile of blankets on the living room floor surrounded but tons of pillows and of course you can't forget the glass of wine that's goes along with all of this. Never forget the wine. But here lately we have decided to change it up a bit because ordering pizzas every weekend or other can really start to add up! We all love pizza, I swear all 3 of my kiddos came out eating pizza. That's a gross thought, huh?  I think that it probably does have something to do with when I was pregnant with them I could eat a large pizza on my own for the most part and be just dandy with it. I never did in fear that Jeff would be looking at me thinking I was about to eat him next, but boy oh boy I sure did want too! Eat the pizza that is. So our changing it up has been that we have been making our own. Genius, huh? I know. I know. It's been really fun though making our own. I remember growing up my parents also making their own pizzas every once in and while too. We turn our t.v. on to the music channels so the kids are busy dancing around acting like weirdos and we are slaving over a pizzas. So far we have made (Yes I did take pics of them, I'm so proud...)

Tomato, Basil, and Pesto


Pepperoni and Jalapeno

And then this past weekend we made

Bacon Cheeseburger

and BBQ Chicken

And they were damn good if I might say so myself! So now I'm always thinking up of which other ones I can make. Any suggestions? The possibilities are endless!

We always try to figure out which movie to watch, because either its going to be an earlier one and the kiddos are going to be watching it, so obviously that means we cant watch any of the Saw movies. Or if they haven't had naps that day then we can't wait to get them in bed early enough! Can ya blame me? This particular day though, Jeff called me from work and said why dont we have an 80's themed night? Very rarely do we ever get the chance to go out by ourselves so we have to make the best of it from home. So I kinda laughed and was like umm ok we could do that. He thinks I'm an alien because I havent seen alot of 80's movies, he will name them off and I just stare him at him like a wall having no clue what he is even talking about. That night he wanted to watch

(Yes I know, I am a HUGE nerd for just doing that...)
But I had to give yall the full effect of it. He got this brilliant idea to kinda dress for the part of our 80's themed night, so we did the best we could and came up looking like this

Super Nerds.
When it was the 80's, I was still in diapers or just starting Kindergarten so I don't know a whole lot on how people dressed or looked so I did the whole side pony tail thing and bright blue eye shadow with bright pink lipstick??? Maybe I'm wrong, but from what I have seen in the movies, I felt like I was kinda right on with that whole thing. Jeff blowed dried and slicked his hair back, though you cant really tell. Bored, much? Yes that would be us!

The whole point of this story is that even if your at home with your husband and your kids, you can still find fun ways to make your night different than just any ole boring night at home. It makes memories. And I had a great time doing it and got a good laugh out of it at the same time!

Hope you all had a good weekend!


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  1. Amen, sista!! Our family lives on pizza!! Love the pics.

    Happy Tuesday!


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