Tuesday, July 27, 2010

Busted lips are not girly!

Why, why, why???

You would think if you go from this:

Then you fall off of that stool and you do this:

That you certainly would NOT be doing this right here:

Now thats what you would think right? But oh no not with this monkey right here, she will never learn! The scary thing is she has climbed to the very top of my pantry shelf to get some Dum Dum suckers down. (They have now retired into my closet now hidden underneath my work out clothes, she'll never find them there!). And when she climbs, its literally me turning my back in 2 seconds and turning around. Next trip I'll be taking will not be going to see the fam it will be to the E.R. Do your kids like to climb anything or everything in sight? I would love to know! I've got to stop this madness somehow!


Monday, July 26, 2010

Hello there Bloggy Buddies!

Hey all of you out there!

Not many of yall yet, I know but we'll get there eventually...I have high hopes here!

It has been over a year since I have a posted a blog and I have decided to start over with a fresh start so I deleted all my old ones and here we are with #1! Again. So since I'm starting over again we will just go thru this whole process again to catch ya up with what has been going on in my messed up crazy little chaotic world.

I was preggo with my third little girl and in the process of getting a new house. Pushed the girl out smoothly and got the house. The end.

Just kidding.

On a more serious note, that is true though. I had my baby girl Sadie Rayne on June 23 of 2009 and she is already 1, CRAZZYYY! She was 8 lb 11 oun and every bit of it! She is my cuddle bug and has been the best baby out of all of mine! She hates baby food which is really a pain in the you know what because she doesn't have all of her teeth and I dont want her choking up everything, you get my point, shes hard to feed but luckily no choking and she eats whatever I put in front of her, or whatever is on the floor...(Yes, sad I know shes like my own personal indoor dog if there is a crumb she will get it, who needs a broom?) She just started walking and its that crooked little stiff legged walk that cracks me up, she thinks she is so fast but she is also so proud, makes me wanna cry. *tear.  She smiles constantly which is pretty freakish. It's this huge grin and its like painted on like the joker but I guess its better than her screaming constantly. I'll take it.

Hayden, oh Hayden, Hayden, Satan..I meant Hayden...
She's now 2. Every little bit of 2. Its so awful...I wanna go crawl in bed and hide under my covers from her, but if I do than you can guarantee she has climbed my pantry shelves to the top and taken down the box of Cheerios and made trails thru out the house and crushed them in the carpet. Or maybe she has taken off her diaper, with poo in it, and running around the house putting some of her poo poo cookies

(Ok, maybe I should explain, Poo Poo Cookies: a term we use around our house for the little balls of poop that are in the diaper that go all over the place when the diaper comes off...Eww gross, I know but hey its the way it is around here!)

in little bowls and cups that they play with and trying to give it to Sadie for a snack, or mayyybee she is pouring face cleanser in Jeff's coffee and trying to poison him (Ok, ok, I thought that one was GENIUS of her, but we wont tell no one...or him anyways) or maybe, maybe she is just being a sweet little girl. YEA RIGHT. I honestly think she was meant to be a boy. She's so mean! And she gets the biggest kick out of being mean! I have no clue where she gets it from...hmm....ok ok, maybe a little of the temper comes from her Daddy. (You really didnt think I was going to say me, did you? Never, I'll never tell!)

Riley, sensitive, shy Riley. She's now 5 and starts Kindergarten in less than a month and I will be skipping out of that school that first day, that is so horrible of me, I shouldn't say that, I will be sad my first baby is going to "the big school" as she puts it. But the thing is, she's so excited about it and can't wait and that will cut down on alot of the fights that go on between her and Hayden. I feel bad her being cooped up inside all the time but its to darn hot and humid. (I HATE Arkansas in the summer, I don't like walking to my mailbox and sweating) but she is one little artistic sucker, let me tell you, no one can draw Spongebob like she can! Seriously. It's that good! Put some construction paper and some crayons and she's going to town coloring, You won't hear a peep out of her. My fridge proves it! I hate watching movies with her though because if there is one sad part in it shes bawling her eyes out, its the weirdest thing, she has done this since she was 2! What kid cries at movies at the age of 2? Mine does...If I upset her then she makes me feel guilty by telling me I broke her heart it worked the first 500 times and it did make me feel guilty but this was her tactic, make me feel guilty so I'll forgive and forget. Smart little thing, did I mention that one? Overall she helps me out so much with the other two though, shes my little buddy.

Then there is me! Saved the best for last. huh? Conceited of me. Yes. It is. I'm sorry. We finally moved into our house in May of last year and we love our house. You cant see my neneighbors because we live in a forest and I have my big bath tub and deck. Its all I need in my life. With a glass of wine. Sit on the deck, then go soak in the bath, because I have sweated so much from the darn humidity! I decided to get a part time job on the nights and weekends to get me out from the crazies I watch during the day that I don't claim as mine at all times, ok I do. Just not in Walmart. Oh I hate Walmart. With 3 kids. They should have a daycare in Walmart. Ok anyways off that subject, I'm an asst. manager at Gymboree. Bad mistake. The clothes are too cute. Which all amounts to no pay check. Sucks. Yes. Sucks. I've gotten better about it though because I've run out of closet space and under the bed space and dresser space and well you catch my drift. I might have freaks of kids but they are dressed cute I can promise you that! I've been cooking alot and making new stuff, I love to cook its like a drug it makes me feel better especially when I'm stuffing it down my throat. I'm always looking for new recipes. I want to go to culinary school. Maybe one day I will. I love The Pioneer Woman. I just discovered her about a month ago and I love her, I do, I do. Ok I'm not a stalker I promise. Me and the hubs are doing good, he has told me we can move back to Texas in a couple of years if not before and I couldn't be happier, get me back HOME! NOW!!!! I'll get to be around my family again and nothing makes me happier than smelling the cow poo and looking at the desert. Ok Im being dramatic again. I love the sunsets not the cow poo smell now. And not the wind, but I'm willing to sacrifice all that to be around my family!

Ok will enough about me and the kiddos for now I need to go feed them before they eat me. Hope all you guys have a wonderful day!

Sadie Rayne
See what I mean about the freakish smile?

Devil Child. Hayden Kinley

Riley Addison-Diva.