Tuesday, July 27, 2010

Busted lips are not girly!

Why, why, why???

You would think if you go from this:

Then you fall off of that stool and you do this:

That you certainly would NOT be doing this right here:

Now thats what you would think right? But oh no not with this monkey right here, she will never learn! The scary thing is she has climbed to the very top of my pantry shelf to get some Dum Dum suckers down. (They have now retired into my closet now hidden underneath my work out clothes, she'll never find them there!). And when she climbs, its literally me turning my back in 2 seconds and turning around. Next trip I'll be taking will not be going to see the fam it will be to the E.R. Do your kids like to climb anything or everything in sight? I would love to know! I've got to stop this madness somehow!


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  1. maybe not girly but still pretty cool!


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