Tuesday, August 31, 2010

Park Days Are Coming!

Who knew this child is deathly scared of a duck?

I had no idea! The poor thing nearly had convulsions! In her defense, she is only 1, and is just sitting in her stroller looking at the heathen sister of hers chasing all the ducks back into the water. She didn't know some stuck behind and didn't get caught in the "Wrath of Hayden" and instead wanted to quack in her face. I couldn't help but to take that picture, it was so sad, but I was kinda laughing too. Oops, that's where the awful Mom in me comes out at.

It finally got out of the high 90's and 100's for a couple of days, only long enough for us to go to the park for 2 of those days. Even long enough for me to open my windows at night and in the early mornings instead of overworking my AC and my electric bill. BUT I'm sitting here sweating once again, they hope for rain sometime later this week. I am NOT holding my breath. One day soon, hopefully it will get colder out. Then I can start going to the park again and walk off these good suppers I've been making! I'm sorry but they have been good! I'll be able to wear the kids out to where they want to actually take a nap or pass out instead of our daily arguments of trying to get them to lay down. In all seriousness though, the park wears me out too! Especially when its hot like this, its almost miserable. I get cranky when I'm hot and so do they! And you can always guarantee that there is that one kid bully at the park that has to just go off and piss off your kid and piss you off to in the process! One is throwing sand in your kids hair, or theres one that doesn't even give your a kid the chance to get off the bottom of the slide before they are pushing them off with their feet. It makes me want to go grab them by their feet and hang them upside down while I take them to their parents and thank them for having such a bully of a kid! There are also another type of kiddos though....the ones that ask you question after question. You feel like your being interrogated by a 3 year old. Actually now that I think about it I think she was interrogating me.

Me sitting in the sand playing with Sadie....

Annoying 3 year old girl with too many questions:
"Why is she sitting in the sand?"

"Because she is playing with the sand"

3 year old brat:
"Why is she eating the sand, that's gross!"

"Because I guess she is hungry"

3 year old demon child:
"Why is she not walking around not playing with me? That's not nice of her."

"Because its hard for her to walk in the sand and she wants to play with me"

3 year old Satan, as she is putting sand in Sadie's hair:
"Hahahahahahahaha! Now she has sand in her hair!"

Me, fuming, looking for her precious little Mommy
"That's not very nice, shes little and doesn't like sand in her hair"
(Still looking around for her Mom)

3 year old I'm about to strangle:
"I don't care"

"Well I care because I have to wash it, you wouldn't like sand in your hair! I think your Mommy is looking for you, where are your other friends at?"

Anyways this carried on for like 5 more minutes before I finally just picked up Sadie and put her on the slide, the kid won, I was ready to go! Am I the only one that has these issues at the park? Surely not!

Hayden acting like its her territory and scaring all the ducks away

The ducks are talking amongst themselves about the baby in the stroller they just prolly made go poopy in her diaper from being scared to death.

This was right before 3 year old terror came over to us

Hayden once again claiming her territory. I bet she could beat up that 3 year old! Why did I not think of that???????

Sorry I took a few days off from blogging, its been busy around here! Tomorrow I will be posting my weekend pizza from this past Saturday! Its super yummy! See y'all then!


Thursday, August 26, 2010

Zucchini Sausage Pie

Calling all of you zucchini lovers out there! If you love zucchini, you will love this recipe. It's making my mouth water for it now as I'm writing this. I love zucchini plain, grilled, sauteed, and in casseroles. This is more like a casserole, if your into that kinda thing. And if you love sausage...Oh don't even get me started on my love for sausage! This is the recipe for you! My kids also really love this too, its an easy way to sneak it in there. Hope y'all enjoy!

Zucchini Sausage Pie

4 cups of thinly sliced zucchini
1 tbs. olive oil (EVOO!)
1 onion, chopped
1 lb. sausage, cooked and drained (I use a roll of turkey sausage to make it a little healthier)
              1 tube of reduced fat (or regular) cresent rolls
2 tbs yellow mustard (trust me!)
1/4 tsp dried oregano
1/4 tsp dried basil
1/4 tsp garlic powder
1/4 tsp ground pepper
1/4 tsp of "Tony" (Tony Chachere Creole Seasoning)
1 tbs dried parsely
2 eggs, beaten
2 cups shredded Mozzarella, divided (I ran out so I used some sharp cheddar also)

Heat EVOO in skillet and saute your zucchini and onion until zucchini is tender. Add your sausage and seasonings. Mix together the eggs and 1 cup of cheese in a large bowl. After the sausage mixture is combined, pour it in with your egg/cheese mixture and stir it all together.

Preheat oven to 375. Unroll your cresent rolls and grease a 9 x 13 casserole dish. Press cresent rolls in the bottom of the dish to make a crust, go up the sides a little bit and seal together any cracks. Brush the top of the cresent rolls with your prepared mustard. (It just makes the whole dish!) Pour in your sausage/zucchini mix over the cresent rolls and top with your remaining cheese. (I also put a few cherry tomato size fresh mozzarella balls on top of it, you dont have to, I just love cheese. It's my life.) Bake 20 minutes, or just until your crust is done.

Gotta get my close up in there!

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Happy Thursday!


Tuesday, August 24, 2010

You Pesky Armadillo


Yes, this is obviously the newest member of our family. He keeps me from going to bed early and irritates me just like my kids can irritate me. Why you may ask? What has this ugly thing done to you? Well, he/she (I don't know what sex it is and I don't plan on finding out, if it's a boy, this is not the boy I pictured ever having...) is digging up all my plants, killing them, keeps my dog, Homer, barking at all different times of the night, digs hole throughout my yard, and has broken one of my solar lights. This all started a couple of weeks ago when I walked out one morning to see complete chaos in my front yard, I couldn't figure out what it was, I thought maybe Homer got out and was the culprit of this but he never gets off the deck and if we do get him out he goes right back to it. I probably would have never known if I didn't call my sis-in-law griping about my new enemy and she told me what it was. Jeff and I sit outside mostly every night for a little bit and we were out there and what do you know my friend enemy came out from hiding. That led to me jumping up and cussing at it and accusing he/she of demolishing my plants, like it really knew what I was saying or if it even much less cared. I think either 1. Jeff was tired of hearing me always gripe about it or 2. it was an excuse for him to shoot his BB gun. (Not to kill it, just scare it a little bit and maybe keep it from coming back.) Next thing I knew, he was walking outside with his BB gun ready to go. I was on one side of my car taking a picture of it while he was on the other about to shoot it.


Right in the BUTT! You go hubbie! That'll show 'em!
It took off running into the woods. 

5 minutes later:
Here it comes waddling back into the yard.

10 seconds later:
Jeff is pumping his BB gun and aiming:

2 seconds later:
Bang! That thing jumped about 3 feet high and growled! I didn't even know they could jump! Jeff got the biggest kick out of it, I had taken a mad sprint back into the garage, good thing they mostly eats ants and plants, I sure would hate to die from being eaten by an armadillo.
Which means "little armored one" in Spanish. Huh, huh, bet y'all didn't know that one!

15 minutes later: ( See what I mean about losing precious sleep?)
Now it comes up from underneath my car. The darn thing will never go away!!! I want to cry. All this worked me up for a glass of wine. I guess it's good for something...

10 seconds later:
It took off running back into the ditch. It was playing mental games with both of us now. I finally gave up and went inside. He won for that night, but I'll get it. Eventually. I'm going to plan a stake out. Maybe even tonite. I ended up having a nightmare it was in my house that night and Riley and Hayden thought it was our new dog. Never will we have a pet Armadillo!

Crime Scene Photos

(My poor Hydrangea!)

Ugly, gross Armadillo who eats plants and breaks solar lights.
Hard of hearing. Big mean eyes.
1  foot long. Armored shell.
Short legs. Fast runner.
Sharp Claws.
Annoying as hell.


Monday, August 23, 2010

Taco Dip Pizza

I know most of y'all have at least one time in your life had taco dip or maybe it was 7 layer dip or how many ever layer dip, or I guess just whatever you want to call it kind of dip. I LOVE taco dip! I could eat it with a spoon, even my fingers and be just as happy without even putting it on a chip. So I decided to make a pizza out of it to change it up a bit, I even made it alot healthier than you might think too! We all love anything Mexican food in our house so I knew I could even get the kids to eat this one. We had our pizza and movie night this past Saturday. We didn't dress up like the last time if you remember my previous blog 80's Date Night...Well Sorta. But we did watch 2 movies after chowing down our pizzas, "Raising Arizona" and "Dirty Work". Really funny movies, you gotta watch them if you haven't already! Well here's the recipe to Taco Dip Pizza!

                                                                        To make this:

You will need this:

1 (8 oun) fat free cream cheese (I used the weight watchers one, its the cheapest too!)
1 cup fat free sour cream
Taco seasoning (I make my own, see below for the recipe on that too!)
1 roll of ground turkey, cooked and drained
1 can fat free refried beans, warmed up (It's easier to spread when warm)
Sharp cheddar cheese (Really its your preference on how much cheese you want, some like it cheesier or not so cheesy, I used about 1 1/2 cups)
Pizza crust (I know I can make my own pizza crust but this is so easy! And only 43 cents!)
Sliced Roma tomato
Black olives

You can also garnish with shredded lettuce, green onions, hot sauce and avocado

Mix your cream cheese and sour cream with 1 tbs of taco seasoning and let it sit to get the flavors mixed together while your preparing your pizza. (You will have extra of this, but its also good just to dip a chip in it while you wait!) Get your crust ready to go (If you get the kind of pizza crust I do, all you need to do is add your 1/2 cup of hot water and roll it up in a ball and let it sit covered for 5 minutes). While your waiting on your crust to rise a bit, cook your turkey meat and drain. Add your taco seasoning (I used 2-3 tbs) and 1/4 cup of water and let simmer for 5 minutes. Once your pizza crust has sit for 5 minutes roll it out and put it on your pizza pan and follow the rest of the instructions for it. When you are ready to start topping your pizza, spread on the cream cheese/sour cream mixture, try not to lick your fingers to much because of how good it is. Spead your refried beans on top of that mixture. Top with cheese, taco meat, sliced tomato, black olives and jalepenos. I also sprinkled on some garlic salt and dried basil. Bake for 9-11 minutes and when it comes out you just want to jump for joy it looks so dang good! Top with which ever other toppings you like!

See I told you! My stomach is growling while I reminisce about it. We also made another pizza just consisting of ground turkey sausage, pesto, mozzarella, and black olives. I love to put pesto on my pizza in place of pizza sauce, it makes it so much more flavorful and a little different from your standard pizza. Heres a close up of that one, it makes you hungrier the closer it is, huh?

So if your into the whole pizza making thing, then y'all have to try this one! I pretty much had all the ingriendients I needed to make it around the house, so it ended up being a really cheap meal and we had leftovers, it was very filling! Oh and heres the recipe for my taco seasoning, its all I will do now instead of buying it already done and it isnt greasy!

Taco Seasoning:
1 heaping tbs chili powder
1 1/2 tbs cumin
1/2 tsp garlic powder
1/4 tsp onion powder
1/4 tsp paprika
1/4 tsp oregeno
A pinch of sugar
1/8 tsp cayenne or 1/4 tsp red pepper flakes, whichever one I want that day
Salt and Pepper, just a bit!

Mix it all together and if your adding it with meat add 1/4 cup of water and let simmer for 5 minutes.

Y'all Enjoy and Happy Monday!


Friday, August 20, 2010

Sweet Tea in a Weird Way!

I have never made good sweet tea. I'm from Texas, I should know how to do this, but it always looked like murky lake water when I was done with it and never sweet enough or too sweet. So I did some researching and found something interesting that I had never heard of and maybe alot of y'all haven't either. I tweeked the recipe a little to make it to my preference so add more sugar or less if you like. Try it sometime!

Sweet Tea in a Weird Way

5-6 tea bags
8 cups of water
3/4 c. sugar
1/8 tsp. baking soda (yep that's right folks!)

Boil 2 cups water. In a plastic container (or whatever you put your tea in) add 1/8 tsp baking soda. (This is the little trick that makes it clear and pretty! No murky looking lake water here, and you don't taste it whatsoever!). Pour your boiling water in the container and add your tea bags. Put a lid on it and let steep 10 minutes (or 15 minutes for stronger tasting tea). Remove the tea bags (Careful its hot!) Add your sugar, how much ever your lttle sweet tooth desires, and stir until it is dissolved. Then add 6 cups of cold water. Pour over ice and garnish with a lemon and ta da your done and you have refreshing sweet tea for this hot miserable summer day!

Everyone have a great weekend!


Thursday, August 19, 2010

Off to the "Big School" we go!

Well, it happened, I officially have a Kindergartner in the house.

It didn't go as bad at I thought it would, even though 5:45 is to early to be getting up and leaving the house by 6:50. I'm used to at least sleeping in until 6:30. Those days are over, at least until next summer. She was wondering why in the heck I was waking her up when it was still dark out. I tried to be quiet in hopes I wouldnt wake up the devil child Hayden, but of course she popped up, "Momma", and ran out of the room like she had been up for hours. That led to her waking up Sadie and me drinking more coffee. At first the whole picture process was going good she was posing, like she normally does, and by the time we were walking up to her school you see her face start changing and her start looking irritated. She ever told me to quit taking pictures! Absolutley not! You have one day you start the first day of school and I'm capturing your every move until they kick me out! Ok, I didn't go that far, I'm not a phycho picture taking Mom.

I would just wait until they asked me to leave.

She was the first one there and went right on in and sat down at her chair and started coloring. I managed to sneak in a couple more pictures before I told her bye. She kissed me bye and I'm not so sure she even looked up to watch me walk out. That's about the time I put on my sunglasses even though the sun wasnt shining and teared up. BUT I didn't cry.  I know she will be happy at her "Big School" as she calls it.

As for me I will go back home and vaccum up the crushed Pop-Tarts and smashed bananas on the floor.


All ready to go and leave Mommy

Now she's getting irritated

"Mom, are you really making me take this picture in front of this horse?"

Ok, Mom  if I smile one more time for you, will you go?

Love, Kirby

Wednesday, August 18, 2010

Am I Going Back to Kindergarten?

Not real sure but last time I checked I was 26 with a husband, 3 kids, job, house, bills, stress, and a dog who poops all over my deck. So why do I feel like I'm going back to kindergarten and starting all over again?

We went yesterday to meet Riley's teacher, who is a very nice lady and looks to have alot of patience. I hope. She looked around her classroom and we put up all of her supplies and she found her name on the table. She was so excited we almost couldn't get her to leave, we were the last ones to leave actually. Does that mean she sick and tired of me? Hmm...the little heathen. Anyways, the very nice teacher went into explaining the folders and which paper was for what and what I needed to sign and so on and on and on.....You catch my drift yet? Then she shows me her homework folder, which I know Riley will be the one actually doing it but she's going to need help. They learn so much so fast. I guess they have to but dang, I didn't realize kindergarten consisted of so much.

I thought it was all about coloring, naptime, stories and recess!

It makes me feel even more like a Mom now that I'm going to be having a kiddo in school for the first time. She was in preschool last year but this feels different. I'm almost intimidated! In fact, I'm almost scared. I might just pee my pants. No, I won't go there, I'd be the one cleaning it up and I do enough of that now with 2 in diapers. Am I the only one who feels this way or am I just freaking out that my first born baby girl is going to be leaving me everyday most of the day from now on until she graduates when she's 18? I thought I was excited for her to be going to get somewhat of a break. Now I'm not so sure. Oh gosh, I think tomorrow morning is going to be a tear jerker. Crap!

Maybe I just will be going back to kindergarten and making me a place to sit at on the carpet and make myself at home.

I do have to say though this is the cutest darn school I have ever been to. In and out. I wish the elementary school I went to had looked like this! They even have leather couches when you walk in and a horse in a barn (not real of course) and don't even get me started on how AWESOME the playground is!

Happy Wednesday!


Tuesday, August 17, 2010

Can You E-Mail 911?

Today has so far turned out to be wonderful. I woke up and was ready to go for the day, that I didn't even need my cup of coffee. I didn't even feel the need to sit down and watch Good Morning America. The kids weren't acting crazy as soon as they got up wanting to eat breakfast right that second. Sadie didn't pull every cleaner out of the cabinet. And instead of wanting to watch Spongebob this morning, they wanted to watch the Discovery Channel. There hasn't been any poopy diapers yet today and any bare naked butts running around the house (They like to take their diapers off and run, I guess the air feels good on them I don't know?) Hayden actually let Sadie take a nap instead of barging into her room a dozen times. Riley didn't spill her juice everywhere when she poured it. Lunch time wasn't so bad either, they actually ate it instead of wearing it and throwing everything on the floor.

Who am I kidding?

Today has been a NIGHTMARE!

I did in fact wake up thinking it was going to be a good day. We have Riley's "Meet the Teacher" today and that's exciting, her first teacher! I get to go to Walmart all by myself tonite and do grocery shopping. Yes, I did indeed say all-by-myself! I couldn't be happier! (Wow, that's sad I am so happy about this!) I made hubs his sandwich and he went to work and all was quiet. Too quiet. So unusual too. Hayden or Sadie are always up at about 6:30 or earlier. I poured my coffee and went back to my bed and turned on Good Morning America in peace. It was great.

For the 2 minutes I got to watch it for.

Hayden was already trying to open the pantry door and get out whatever she could reach. (I have one up on her for the time being, I put a gate up in my laundry room/pantry so that way she can't open the pantry door anymore and climb my shelves, it just sucks because I'm constantly having to step over this gate or I trip over it) So when she couldnt get anything out she was not a happy camper! And I laughed.

Mom- 1
Hayden- 0

I ended having to feed them right then (such a burden feeding my kids breakfast, huh?) they couldnt wait 10 more minutes so I could finish my coffee it needed to be right then. Why I gave them chocolate Pop-tarts, I'm not real sure because Sadie ended up wearing it instead and Hayden threw crumbles on the floor, Riley didn't eat the crust.


Sadie pulled out every bit of my cleaners from the cabinets. Which yes I know I could get the latches (Mother, I know this, quit shaking your head right about now), but I cook alot and I hate those latches and they end up in resulting in smashed fingers. After I cleaned that up and walked back into the kitchen she had all my Tupperware on the floor and was sitting in them.


Hayden has had 1 poopy diaper and Sadie 2. Sadie ran around butt naked for a little bit until I put a onesie on her so she couldnt take it off anymore. I listened to Spongebob's theme song and wanted to slit my throat. Riley and Hayden got into a screaming arguement and they both woke up Sadie after only 20 minutes of her taking a nap, hmm where are we at?


Lunch time rolled around and they were acting like I havent fed them in 2 days so I made the usual peanut butter and jelly's, cheeto's and some mandarin oranges. I cleaned the floor for 10 minutes after they all got done eating.

I'm freaking losing here! My score is still at 1!

Next was bath time. I hate bath time! I think the worse part about it is trying to comb thru Riley's thick curly, wet hair and mopping up the floor with the pond they just made out of it. I had just got off the phone and sat it down on the bathroom counter and turned off the water. I needed to make a quick sprint and go get the conditioner out of my bathroom for Riley and in the time it took me to do that, literally about 15 seconds. I walked into their bathroom and screamed in horrified terror! MyPhoneWasFloatingInTheBathtub. Hayden handed me my phone-"Here you go, Momma".

Hayden-1,000,000,000,000 Need I go on?

I'm sick. I think I will be anyways. My only communication with my family that live hours away from me. My only communication to Jeff while he's at lunch. My only communication to my sister in law I talk to 5-10 times a day. What if something horrible happened to one of the girls and I needed to call 911? What if my house caught on fire? I couldn't call ANYONE. I have no phone! There is still water floating in the inside of it. Poor, poor, phone. I'm so sorry Hayden got ahold of you and thought you needed a bath too!

So that made me think of the question, can you email 911?

Hopefully I won't need to.
Now I'm going to go cry. Again.
Guard your phones from your kids. They are not safe. Anytime. Anywhere.

Love, Kirby
                  (the girl who has no phone and who's kids win on a daily basis)

P.S. To my family who is reading this, one day I will call yall again.

Monday, August 16, 2010

"Healthier" Spinach Artichoke Dip

So as I'm sitting here stuffing my face with my Spinach Artichoke dip I couldn't resist but to share the recipe with all of you guys. I know their are dozens out there, and probably alot like the one I make but you have to promise me yall will try it. You will make it and love it! Promise me, mmmkkayyy! Thanks! The better part about this one is that I make it a little healthier so I don't feel as guilty eating so much of it. I don't think you can even tell the difference, and I have received nothing but great compliments for it or people wanting the recipe. Every time I make this, sometimes I'll eat for my dinner, lunch, a snack and even for breakfast!

Ok, not really for breakfast, but I had to gross yall out a little bit for a second.  

We are some dip eating fools around here and I have several I need to share with all of you. So go to the store and get your ingredients and make this! Today! I insist! Here goes....

(Healthier) Spinach Artichoke Dip

  • 10 oun. frozen chopped spinach, thawed and drained
  • 2 8 oun. fat free cream cheese, softened
  • 1/2 c. fat free sour cream (I have even used light plain yogurt when I was out of sour cream and it was also just as great!)
  • 3 cloves of minced garlic
  • 1 tsp Creole seasoning (I use Tony Chachere's Original Creole Seasoning; I have a sick, twisted need for adding this to EVERYTHING I make. I warn you now. And this is the time my family is laughing at me as I write this because they know the relationship between "Tony" and I. You can also just use seasoned salt if you don't have "Tony"
  • 1/4 tsp fresh ground pepper
  • 1 (14 oun) can quartered artichoke hearts, chopped (I use the Reese brand)
  • 1 1/2 c. Mozzarella cheese, shredded
  • 1/4 c. shredded Parmesan cheese, a little more for sprinkling on top.
       Preheat oven to 350. Add your spinach, cream cheese, sour cream, minced garlic, "Tony", ground pepper, artichokes, 1/2 cup mozzarella, and the parmesan cheese. Mix until all is blended well and spoon into a casserole dish (mine is an 11 x 7 so that it is a little thicker, but I have also used an 8 x 8 and 9 x 13, so whichever you prefer!). Top with the remaing mozzarella cheese and sprinkle a little more parmesan on top. Bake 15-20 minutes.

Yep, folks, that's it! Nothing to it!

I use tortilla chips or pita chips to dip this with, and for a little more heat because I love me some spice, you can either mix it in with the dip or on top, but my kiddos devour this too so I usually just scoop some out and put the flakes on top of mine. How much ever your little heart, or mouth, can stand.

Hope yall enjoy! Have a wonderful day and hope you all had a wonderful weekend!

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Friday, August 13, 2010

Dancing with Daddy and the Tackle Box

So I've been home for almost 2 weeks now from my parents house and while I was gone, hubs was going to go fishing. Before I left, he brought in his tackle box to I guess see what he all had in there, its been awhile since he has went. When I got home, the tackle box was still where I had remembered seeing it last.

Almost two weeks later, it's still in the same spot.

Collecting dust.

Staring at me while I write to you.

I'm testing him to see when he is going to put it out in the garage where it belongs. I'm not touching it. Everyday I get a little bit of a kick out of this, I don't know whether or not to get irritated or laugh.  It makes me think of the "Everybody Loves Raymond" episode where he gets home from a trip and she is waiting to see how long he is going to leave his suitcase on the stairs. So either he is going to read this (Sorry babe, its kinda funny, you have to admit!) and he will put it up or he will leave it there to irritate me a little longer. To be continued...

Besides the darn tackle box that has made a permanent stay in our bedroom, one night when I was cooking dinner I looked into the living room and saw this
 To my husband: Yes, yes, I did just put a picture of you on my blog with your boxers on.
To anyone else reading this: Ohhh come on!!! I'm sure yall's hubbies walk around the house with their boxers on too!
You have to say this is pretty darn cute, they were in their own little world dancing it up.
 Darn it I got caught watching! 

No more dancing, she came into the kitchen to harrass me now and to open every cabinet and pull out every bit of tupperware that I have. It was cute while it lasted!

Hope everyone has a wonderful weekend! Happy Friday!

Kirby Lynn

Thursday, August 12, 2010

Attack of the Cookie Monster

So since my last post yesterday of The "I Don't Want To" Day, I woke up this morning kinda regretting all the I don't want to's.

  • My house actually did look like Mother Nature got pissed at me and sent a tornado just thru the inside of my house.
  • I hate going to bed with dirty dishes in the sink and remembered why this morning when I couldn't scrub the pan hard enough. (Ok, I had at least rinsed it to what I thought was ok. Obviously it wasn't good enough).
  • My poor flowers. I think they were secretly cussing me as I was watering them this morning, they were looking pretty droopy since they didn't get watered last night.
  • Riley's poor hair looks like a bird's nest has been put together overnight in the middle of her head.
  • There's so much laundry to be folded.
  • I want to cry.
  • My foot is sticking to the floor and is totally grossing me out.
  • I'm still pissed about the hot weather. Please rain this weekend like you say your going to. My flowers will thank you.
  • I have to work tonite. Blah.
In the midst of all that, the other day I decided to bake some cookies and have the girls help me. Jeff was having a bad day at work and I knew something sweet might cheer him up a little bit. He's got the worst sweet tooth. My Dove dark chocolate almond's (my fav, by the way) are shrinking day by day and I know it's not from me. I need to hide them while I'm thinking about it. Anyways, so yes we decided to bake cookies. White Chocolate and Pecan. Yum-o as Rachael Ray would say. I pretty much just dropped the cookies on the pan and measured out the ingredients and let the girls do the rest. I got some pretty interesting pics of devil child Hayden. She thinks she is so sneaky. And she is. She knows this. It's aggravating. They had fun doing it though and it passed the time by and I didn't have to listen to Spongebob. After they got done baking, I couldn't keep them out of them though. That led to arguments and temper tantrums. And I laughed. It makes them madder and keeps me from getting just as mad myself.

I'm an evil Mom.

Jeff loved them though and they were really tasty! He gave me the compliment of saying they were the best homemade cookies he has ever had. I love him. Heres the timeline of the cookie monsters-You'll notice Hayden looking up at me to see if I'm watching her before she takes a huge bite of cookie dough.

I was watching.

Excuse Hayden's booby shot and my old, ugly mixer. Hey, it does the job!

Sneaky, sneaky child. I see you! Riley knows something is about to go down.

And she could care less.

You my child, are irritating. Just rub it why don't ya?

Hope you all have a wonderful day, go bake some cookies!


Wednesday, August 11, 2010

The "I 'Don't Want To" Day

Yep, today is one of those days. My excuse is the darn heat.

And sleep deprivation.

It's too freaking hot to do anything but hide inside and pray that your AC will sometime eventually turn off because all it is doing is running constantly. It's that time of the summer where its unbearable to even go swimming. If you do go outside, you get pissed off just from walking out there and come right back in. Well I guess I'm talking about myself there. I hate summer. I hate winter. I'm only happy with the in-betweens; Fall and Spring. I woke up this morning in just one of those I-don't-want-to-do-anything-today type moods.

I don't mind throwing the built up laundry in the washer and in the dryer BUT I don't want to fold it and put it all away. I would rather let it sit in the dryer today and let it get dried and when I need it, turn the dryer back on and get the wrinkles out of it. Again. And then maybe put it up tomorrow.

I don't mind turning the dishwasher on and letting it do it's thing BUT I don't want to unload it all, especially the silverware. I don't know what it is about the silverware that I hate unloading the most. I'll take a dish out as I need it. Until tomorrow.

I don't mind sweeping up all the crushed up Cheerios on the floor from breakfast this morning and then the crushed up Cheetos from lunch BUT I refuse to mop up the spilt juice from the ever so "non-leaking" sippy cup. I'll run my rag over it instead, until tomorrow.

I don't mind laying down with Hayden to get her to take a nap so I can somewhat get a break but seriously, this was just a miracle that this happened, and I don't want to move her into her bed in fear she won't go back to sleep.

I'm scared.

But all went well and she asked for her "ju ju" and went back to sleep.

God loves me today.
I don't mind cleaning up the living room so that when I walk thru it I don't walk in fear of breaking my leg BUT what's the point? 2 minutes later it will just be a big diaster again. Plus I don't want to disrupt Sadie from what she was doing; playing in the crate I keep the toys in.

Sister, Mommy needs a vacation too.

I don't mind cleaning up the toothpaste in the sink BUT I'm not scrubbing toilets today. Not gonna do it. I probably won't do it tomorrow either.

I don't mind cooking dinner tonite, Tatertot Taco Salad that is, BUT wouldnt just opening up a can of Spaghetti-O's be so much easier and make the kids just as happy? Yes, yes it would but then what will I eat? I don't want Spaghetti-O's.

I don't mind giving the girls a bath tonite BUT I don't even want to deal with Riley's thick curly hair tonite, well skip on the hair tonite. Yes, that's what we will do. I'll save her the headache of all the pulling and tugging too.

I don't mind watering my flowers BUT then I have to walk outside. Naturally. And get pissed off for getting hot as soon as I step out of the door and that's what has put me in this mood in the first place. So damn you Summer I'm ready for you to go on your way and bring me the Fall.


(I'd rather not piss off Mother Nature, she'll send a tornado my way possibly.)

So for today I think I will just stick to my "I don't want to's" because I think everyone is allowed to have them days every once in and awhile.


Monday, August 9, 2010

80's Date Night...Well Sorta.

Now I'm sure alot of people do the whole movie and pizza night sorta thing and I'm happy to say I'm one of those people! Hubs and I have started our own little pizza and movie night for a couple of years now. Most of the time it was every Saturday night, but since I starting working nights and weekends, there's a couple of Saturday nights I'm gone to work (even though its not in my availability but whatever, it is what it is). We would order pizzas and make a big pile of blankets on the living room floor surrounded but tons of pillows and of course you can't forget the glass of wine that's goes along with all of this. Never forget the wine. But here lately we have decided to change it up a bit because ordering pizzas every weekend or other can really start to add up! We all love pizza, I swear all 3 of my kiddos came out eating pizza. That's a gross thought, huh?  I think that it probably does have something to do with when I was pregnant with them I could eat a large pizza on my own for the most part and be just dandy with it. I never did in fear that Jeff would be looking at me thinking I was about to eat him next, but boy oh boy I sure did want too! Eat the pizza that is. So our changing it up has been that we have been making our own. Genius, huh? I know. I know. It's been really fun though making our own. I remember growing up my parents also making their own pizzas every once in and while too. We turn our t.v. on to the music channels so the kids are busy dancing around acting like weirdos and we are slaving over a pizzas. So far we have made (Yes I did take pics of them, I'm so proud...)

Tomato, Basil, and Pesto


Pepperoni and Jalapeno

And then this past weekend we made

Bacon Cheeseburger

and BBQ Chicken

And they were damn good if I might say so myself! So now I'm always thinking up of which other ones I can make. Any suggestions? The possibilities are endless!

We always try to figure out which movie to watch, because either its going to be an earlier one and the kiddos are going to be watching it, so obviously that means we cant watch any of the Saw movies. Or if they haven't had naps that day then we can't wait to get them in bed early enough! Can ya blame me? This particular day though, Jeff called me from work and said why dont we have an 80's themed night? Very rarely do we ever get the chance to go out by ourselves so we have to make the best of it from home. So I kinda laughed and was like umm ok we could do that. He thinks I'm an alien because I havent seen alot of 80's movies, he will name them off and I just stare him at him like a wall having no clue what he is even talking about. That night he wanted to watch

(Yes I know, I am a HUGE nerd for just doing that...)
But I had to give yall the full effect of it. He got this brilliant idea to kinda dress for the part of our 80's themed night, so we did the best we could and came up looking like this

Super Nerds.
When it was the 80's, I was still in diapers or just starting Kindergarten so I don't know a whole lot on how people dressed or looked so I did the whole side pony tail thing and bright blue eye shadow with bright pink lipstick??? Maybe I'm wrong, but from what I have seen in the movies, I felt like I was kinda right on with that whole thing. Jeff blowed dried and slicked his hair back, though you cant really tell. Bored, much? Yes that would be us!

The whole point of this story is that even if your at home with your husband and your kids, you can still find fun ways to make your night different than just any ole boring night at home. It makes memories. And I had a great time doing it and got a good laugh out of it at the same time!

Hope you all had a good weekend!


Thursday, August 5, 2010

Trees vs. No Trees? What?

This is my thought for the day as I'm writing this looking out in my backyard, yes I'm bored and yes thats because 2 of the 3 kiddos are alseep and as I'm also writing this I am singing along the Spongebob theme song for the well I dont know how many times, I've lost count by now....

So as I'm looking out back I can't hardly see my neighbors, except in the Winter time I can when all the leaves have fallen off.  Then it makes me feel violated because I don't have blinds up in my house, which I choose not to because I like how pretty it is, but its kinda impossible to walk around in your undies and t-shirts thinking the freaks across from you can see what pattern your underwear is that day. Plus I'm just too lazy to put long curtains up in the winter time too. I swear this year it looks more fuller than it did last year, I think I'm just losing my mind though. And I'm waiting on a tree to fall on my house during a storm anytime now. And in the fall time I won't even go there with all the leaves that fall all over the place, thats when I get the hubs to blow them into the ravine out back because once again I'm too lazy to bag them up. On the plus side of all this though one of my favorite places to look out of is my kitchen window as I'm scrubbing dirty sippy cups, story of my life, besides wiping butts and doing laundry, and then to walk out on my deck and look out and I see this:

But then once again, as pretty as this is and all and as much as I do love it, there is just something about this that I also love:

That would be the Texan girl thats in me. I might be crazy and all but I love the wide open sky. There is nothing prettier to me than the sunsets and sunrises.  You can see the whole entire sky as it sets and as it blinds you. It has been done to me many times when I'm driving back home to my parents house. I love how you can see all the stars in the sky at night , and how you can see if a tornado is coming to suck you up (Yes I have a HUGE phobia on tornados!). Its almost just peaceful just looking out and seeing nothing but endless sky. So thats where I can't decide which I like better, trees or no trees? What do you think? Weird thoughts, huh? I know, I know. I have no life today. But I will tell you all that as I was driving to my parents, making this 7 hour trip from Arkansas, hot, humid, sticky Arkansas, to dry breezy Texas, besides looking out and seeing nothing but sky, I did look back and see this:

 I couldn't have been any happier.

P.S. Don't tell my Mom I was driving 72 while looking behind me snapping pictures. She would kill me.


Wednesday, August 4, 2010

Battle of the 2 year olds

Okay, okay, I know it's been over a week since I have posted anything but I made a quick trip to Texas to see my family and didn't have a whole lot of time to do anything but get onto Hayden the whole time. You know how it is...traveling 7 hours with 3 kids in the back seat by yourself = I wanted to hang myself.

Yall will have to all forgive me now with all the pictures I am about to post, but the thing is, it tells a story, a story of a battle. A battle of the 2 year olds. But I can't take the credit for this, taking the credit are devil child Hayden and my handsome bright blue eyed nephew, Carson. The other credit goes to my wonderful sister-in-law Jennifer. She's got one of those really awesome cameras and Photoshop (which does wonders!) so she always takes pictures of my heathens for me and they always turn out amazing! Plus it saves me alot of money! Every time we have gotten together to take pics you can always guarantee there is that one picture that just says it all. In this case it turned out to be about 10 of them...

Alright I couldn't help to put this one on here, its from a year ago and all was sweet. And calm. For the time being. 

Throwing rocks in the pond (not so sure they were supposed to be but hey it was keeping them happy...!)

He's just minding his own business playing with his rock...

And she's being nice giving him another rock...

Then she takes the rock (which at this point I thought she was about to chunk it at his head but as awful parents as we are, we just sat back and watched what was about to happen as she clicked the camera away)

Oh I know sweetheart she is evil. Pure evil. I'm so sorry you have a punk of a cousin!

But oh lookey here, he is back for revenge! Run, Hayden, Run!

Keep on running, kiddos, that means a good nap is in the near future and I might be able to wash some clothes. Hmm...maybe I'll also take a nap, oh crap the other other two would be up, ok I'm getting off the subject, back to the battle pics...
So just when they were running and they forgive each other so quickly, how I wish I could forget and forgive so easily...Off the subject again, anyways, we thought all was good between them then there came about the chair ordeal.

Who started this one first we have no idea. Well I kinda have an idea who started it, and its the one who doesn't have bright blue eyes.

Oh goodness someones gonna get a pinched finger...

Or not...You go Carson, take your chair! Hayden, you lost this one kiddo!

So that was our trip to the park to take pictures of our kids. I really wanted one of all three of them, the last one I have is from winter and well you can see for yourself what kind of train wreck this one was:

It just wasn't gonna happen that day.
Hope you all have a wonderful hot humid day like I am!