Wednesday, August 11, 2010

The "I 'Don't Want To" Day

Yep, today is one of those days. My excuse is the darn heat.

And sleep deprivation.

It's too freaking hot to do anything but hide inside and pray that your AC will sometime eventually turn off because all it is doing is running constantly. It's that time of the summer where its unbearable to even go swimming. If you do go outside, you get pissed off just from walking out there and come right back in. Well I guess I'm talking about myself there. I hate summer. I hate winter. I'm only happy with the in-betweens; Fall and Spring. I woke up this morning in just one of those I-don't-want-to-do-anything-today type moods.

I don't mind throwing the built up laundry in the washer and in the dryer BUT I don't want to fold it and put it all away. I would rather let it sit in the dryer today and let it get dried and when I need it, turn the dryer back on and get the wrinkles out of it. Again. And then maybe put it up tomorrow.

I don't mind turning the dishwasher on and letting it do it's thing BUT I don't want to unload it all, especially the silverware. I don't know what it is about the silverware that I hate unloading the most. I'll take a dish out as I need it. Until tomorrow.

I don't mind sweeping up all the crushed up Cheerios on the floor from breakfast this morning and then the crushed up Cheetos from lunch BUT I refuse to mop up the spilt juice from the ever so "non-leaking" sippy cup. I'll run my rag over it instead, until tomorrow.

I don't mind laying down with Hayden to get her to take a nap so I can somewhat get a break but seriously, this was just a miracle that this happened, and I don't want to move her into her bed in fear she won't go back to sleep.

I'm scared.

But all went well and she asked for her "ju ju" and went back to sleep.

God loves me today.
I don't mind cleaning up the living room so that when I walk thru it I don't walk in fear of breaking my leg BUT what's the point? 2 minutes later it will just be a big diaster again. Plus I don't want to disrupt Sadie from what she was doing; playing in the crate I keep the toys in.

Sister, Mommy needs a vacation too.

I don't mind cleaning up the toothpaste in the sink BUT I'm not scrubbing toilets today. Not gonna do it. I probably won't do it tomorrow either.

I don't mind cooking dinner tonite, Tatertot Taco Salad that is, BUT wouldnt just opening up a can of Spaghetti-O's be so much easier and make the kids just as happy? Yes, yes it would but then what will I eat? I don't want Spaghetti-O's.

I don't mind giving the girls a bath tonite BUT I don't even want to deal with Riley's thick curly hair tonite, well skip on the hair tonite. Yes, that's what we will do. I'll save her the headache of all the pulling and tugging too.

I don't mind watering my flowers BUT then I have to walk outside. Naturally. And get pissed off for getting hot as soon as I step out of the door and that's what has put me in this mood in the first place. So damn you Summer I'm ready for you to go on your way and bring me the Fall.


(I'd rather not piss off Mother Nature, she'll send a tornado my way possibly.)

So for today I think I will just stick to my "I don't want to's" because I think everyone is allowed to have them days every once in and awhile.



  1. I know exactly what you mean. You said it all in one post. ha!ha! I love the picture with the little one in the chair sleeping. Too cute!

  2. Take a break, sista. I don't want to cook today, or do the laundry, mop the floor...
    I just wanna sit on my butt all day blogging.

    Let us both enjoy today. Life is short!!


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