Wednesday, August 18, 2010

Am I Going Back to Kindergarten?

Not real sure but last time I checked I was 26 with a husband, 3 kids, job, house, bills, stress, and a dog who poops all over my deck. So why do I feel like I'm going back to kindergarten and starting all over again?

We went yesterday to meet Riley's teacher, who is a very nice lady and looks to have alot of patience. I hope. She looked around her classroom and we put up all of her supplies and she found her name on the table. She was so excited we almost couldn't get her to leave, we were the last ones to leave actually. Does that mean she sick and tired of me? Hmm...the little heathen. Anyways, the very nice teacher went into explaining the folders and which paper was for what and what I needed to sign and so on and on and on.....You catch my drift yet? Then she shows me her homework folder, which I know Riley will be the one actually doing it but she's going to need help. They learn so much so fast. I guess they have to but dang, I didn't realize kindergarten consisted of so much.

I thought it was all about coloring, naptime, stories and recess!

It makes me feel even more like a Mom now that I'm going to be having a kiddo in school for the first time. She was in preschool last year but this feels different. I'm almost intimidated! In fact, I'm almost scared. I might just pee my pants. No, I won't go there, I'd be the one cleaning it up and I do enough of that now with 2 in diapers. Am I the only one who feels this way or am I just freaking out that my first born baby girl is going to be leaving me everyday most of the day from now on until she graduates when she's 18? I thought I was excited for her to be going to get somewhat of a break. Now I'm not so sure. Oh gosh, I think tomorrow morning is going to be a tear jerker. Crap!

Maybe I just will be going back to kindergarten and making me a place to sit at on the carpet and make myself at home.

I do have to say though this is the cutest darn school I have ever been to. In and out. I wish the elementary school I went to had looked like this! They even have leather couches when you walk in and a horse in a barn (not real of course) and don't even get me started on how AWESOME the playground is!

Happy Wednesday!



  1. It will be okay Kirby. I felt the same way with my first and now he is 18 and starting college Monday morning and guess what I still feel like you do. It's a mother's thing and it will get better.

    The school sure does look too cute and I wish I went to a school like that too when I was little. Sounds like a fun school for your daughter to attend.

    Hope all is okay tomorrow bring tissues but try not to cry in front of her. :o)


  2. WOW! The school looks awesome!

    Don't worry, you'll get used to her being away the first half of the day. Actually, I love my 'me time' when the boys are in school.

    Have a nice day!


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