Friday, August 13, 2010

Dancing with Daddy and the Tackle Box

So I've been home for almost 2 weeks now from my parents house and while I was gone, hubs was going to go fishing. Before I left, he brought in his tackle box to I guess see what he all had in there, its been awhile since he has went. When I got home, the tackle box was still where I had remembered seeing it last.

Almost two weeks later, it's still in the same spot.

Collecting dust.

Staring at me while I write to you.

I'm testing him to see when he is going to put it out in the garage where it belongs. I'm not touching it. Everyday I get a little bit of a kick out of this, I don't know whether or not to get irritated or laugh.  It makes me think of the "Everybody Loves Raymond" episode where he gets home from a trip and she is waiting to see how long he is going to leave his suitcase on the stairs. So either he is going to read this (Sorry babe, its kinda funny, you have to admit!) and he will put it up or he will leave it there to irritate me a little longer. To be continued...

Besides the darn tackle box that has made a permanent stay in our bedroom, one night when I was cooking dinner I looked into the living room and saw this
 To my husband: Yes, yes, I did just put a picture of you on my blog with your boxers on.
To anyone else reading this: Ohhh come on!!! I'm sure yall's hubbies walk around the house with their boxers on too!
You have to say this is pretty darn cute, they were in their own little world dancing it up.
 Darn it I got caught watching! 

No more dancing, she came into the kitchen to harrass me now and to open every cabinet and pull out every bit of tupperware that I have. It was cute while it lasted!

Hope everyone has a wonderful weekend! Happy Friday!

Kirby Lynn

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  1. LOL! Love the pics!! Tell your hubby he looks cute in his boxers!!

    Have a nice day!!


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