Thursday, August 5, 2010

Trees vs. No Trees? What?

This is my thought for the day as I'm writing this looking out in my backyard, yes I'm bored and yes thats because 2 of the 3 kiddos are alseep and as I'm also writing this I am singing along the Spongebob theme song for the well I dont know how many times, I've lost count by now....

So as I'm looking out back I can't hardly see my neighbors, except in the Winter time I can when all the leaves have fallen off.  Then it makes me feel violated because I don't have blinds up in my house, which I choose not to because I like how pretty it is, but its kinda impossible to walk around in your undies and t-shirts thinking the freaks across from you can see what pattern your underwear is that day. Plus I'm just too lazy to put long curtains up in the winter time too. I swear this year it looks more fuller than it did last year, I think I'm just losing my mind though. And I'm waiting on a tree to fall on my house during a storm anytime now. And in the fall time I won't even go there with all the leaves that fall all over the place, thats when I get the hubs to blow them into the ravine out back because once again I'm too lazy to bag them up. On the plus side of all this though one of my favorite places to look out of is my kitchen window as I'm scrubbing dirty sippy cups, story of my life, besides wiping butts and doing laundry, and then to walk out on my deck and look out and I see this:

But then once again, as pretty as this is and all and as much as I do love it, there is just something about this that I also love:

That would be the Texan girl thats in me. I might be crazy and all but I love the wide open sky. There is nothing prettier to me than the sunsets and sunrises.  You can see the whole entire sky as it sets and as it blinds you. It has been done to me many times when I'm driving back home to my parents house. I love how you can see all the stars in the sky at night , and how you can see if a tornado is coming to suck you up (Yes I have a HUGE phobia on tornados!). Its almost just peaceful just looking out and seeing nothing but endless sky. So thats where I can't decide which I like better, trees or no trees? What do you think? Weird thoughts, huh? I know, I know. I have no life today. But I will tell you all that as I was driving to my parents, making this 7 hour trip from Arkansas, hot, humid, sticky Arkansas, to dry breezy Texas, besides looking out and seeing nothing but sky, I did look back and see this:

 I couldn't have been any happier.

P.S. Don't tell my Mom I was driving 72 while looking behind me snapping pictures. She would kill me.



  1. Ha! I've got videos of my kids in the backseat that I took while driving. Tell your mom that, you'll be golden then :)

  2. I can barely drive without distractions, I imagine trying to take a picture would be the death of me. :O

    Thanks for stopping by my blog! :)

    As for trees versus no trees...I only like wide open spaces when it's the beach. Right now we live in a home with no trees around and the sun is blistering making it impossible to play outdoors. Next home? We wants lots and lots of trees!

  3. I love trees but only if they are not in my lawn so I don't have to clean up the fallen leaves! Ok, I won't tell your mom, LOL!

    Have a nice day!


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