Wednesday, August 4, 2010

Battle of the 2 year olds

Okay, okay, I know it's been over a week since I have posted anything but I made a quick trip to Texas to see my family and didn't have a whole lot of time to do anything but get onto Hayden the whole time. You know how it is...traveling 7 hours with 3 kids in the back seat by yourself = I wanted to hang myself.

Yall will have to all forgive me now with all the pictures I am about to post, but the thing is, it tells a story, a story of a battle. A battle of the 2 year olds. But I can't take the credit for this, taking the credit are devil child Hayden and my handsome bright blue eyed nephew, Carson. The other credit goes to my wonderful sister-in-law Jennifer. She's got one of those really awesome cameras and Photoshop (which does wonders!) so she always takes pictures of my heathens for me and they always turn out amazing! Plus it saves me alot of money! Every time we have gotten together to take pics you can always guarantee there is that one picture that just says it all. In this case it turned out to be about 10 of them...

Alright I couldn't help to put this one on here, its from a year ago and all was sweet. And calm. For the time being. 

Throwing rocks in the pond (not so sure they were supposed to be but hey it was keeping them happy...!)

He's just minding his own business playing with his rock...

And she's being nice giving him another rock...

Then she takes the rock (which at this point I thought she was about to chunk it at his head but as awful parents as we are, we just sat back and watched what was about to happen as she clicked the camera away)

Oh I know sweetheart she is evil. Pure evil. I'm so sorry you have a punk of a cousin!

But oh lookey here, he is back for revenge! Run, Hayden, Run!

Keep on running, kiddos, that means a good nap is in the near future and I might be able to wash some clothes. Hmm...maybe I'll also take a nap, oh crap the other other two would be up, ok I'm getting off the subject, back to the battle pics...
So just when they were running and they forgive each other so quickly, how I wish I could forget and forgive so easily...Off the subject again, anyways, we thought all was good between them then there came about the chair ordeal.

Who started this one first we have no idea. Well I kinda have an idea who started it, and its the one who doesn't have bright blue eyes.

Oh goodness someones gonna get a pinched finger...

Or not...You go Carson, take your chair! Hayden, you lost this one kiddo!

So that was our trip to the park to take pictures of our kids. I really wanted one of all three of them, the last one I have is from winter and well you can see for yourself what kind of train wreck this one was:

It just wasn't gonna happen that day.
Hope you all have a wonderful hot humid day like I am!


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