Wednesday, September 1, 2010

Buffalo Chicken Pizza

Buffalo Chicken Pizza

1 pkg pizza dough, or your own if you make it
2/3 cup Louisiana buffalo sauce
1/4 cup light ranch dressing
3 small chicken breasts
2 tbs butter
salt, pepper and "Tony" (Creole seasoning)
1/4 cup chopped green onions
1 cup Monterrey jack cheese
1 cup sharp cheddar cheese
dried basil to sprinkle on top

Melt butter in your skillet. Slice your chicken breasts into 1 inch pieces and sprinkle with salt, pepper, and "Tony". Add to your skillet and saute until golden brown and done. Drain on a paper towel. Once it has cooled off a bit shred it, or cut it into little bite size pieces. Prepare your dough. Mix together your buffalo wing sauce and ranch dressing. Brush it onto your crust. It's spicy so you can do less or more if you like depending on how brave you are that day! Mix together your cheeses and top the sauce and dough with 1 1/2 cup of cheese. Arrange your chicken on top of your cheeses. Add the rest of your cheese (1/2 cup) and sprinkle with dried basil. Bake according to however long your dough calls for and when it comes out top with the green onions.

If you like blue cheese dressing you could definitely use that instead of the ranch. I'm not fond of blue cheese dressing even though my hubs could drink it from the bottle. What I would have done if I had some would be to sprinkle with some blue cheese crumbles, I can stand a little bit of that.

This was one of our favorite pizzas we have made so far, every week we say the same thing, "This is now my favorite" but this one really does take the cake! And its super easy! Perfect for football season that is just around the corner! It will be gone in minutes!

Hope y'all love, love, love it!



  1. Yay! Another delish pizza recipe!! Thanks.

    Happy Wednesday!

  2. This is insanely delicious sounding! We eat a ton of pizza - this needs to get added to the rotation!

  3. What a great pizza that I will have to try! I'm new here and happy to find your blog!

  4. I've made smaller versions of this on pita bread before, but I say bigger is better! Yours looks fabulous!

  5. Wow, this looks like something we would really enjoy. It looks beautiful too. Joni

  6. This looks so good, I am a HUGE sucker for Buffalo chicken pizza.

  7. i want to eat this right now! spicy and cheesy...yum, yum, YUM! thank you for linking up to pardon me while i head to the kitchen to whip up some pizza dough.


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