Monday, September 13, 2010

I can't help myself!!!!

So today was my lazy day since I was off for the first day in basically over a week and I refused to ANYTHING! Okay, I did throw a load of laundry in, but there are 3 more loads calling my name and I DON'T CARE! I was actually so lazy today that when I was getting Hayden and Sadie dressed, mind you, Hayden is 13 months older than Sadie, but little Sadie is a chunky monkey that I figured hey why not I'll put some of Hayden's clothes on her...well they fit! So as I was telling hubs this we got a little curious and decided to see just how much they weigh up next to each other;

Hayden: 2 years 4 months= 24 lbs

Sadie: 1 year 2 months=23 lbs (They jacked with the scales on this one, but it really was 23 lbs!)

The thing is I LOVE IT! I love a little chunky baby! She just started walking about 2 months ago, she "tries" to run but instead she wobbles! And as she is wobbling she is giggling about it. Little does she know 1 year and 2 months ago her Momma was wobbling too because she was HUGE! This kiddo was 8 lb 11 oun when she was born! All of us, doctor included, had bets on how much she would weigh and I lost by a long run! It makes me love on her that much more. She has been just the happiest baby out of all mine and makes me want more...

Okay, I think I might need to sleep on that one....

Y'all cannot deny this is not so stinking cute!!!! Little does she know when she gets to be her Momma's age she will not want to ever see a scale!!!! Look at that fat tummy of hers! I want to eat her up! Those turkey legs...She looks like she is flippin me off too... NOT NICE SADIE RAYNE! I'M SORRY MOMMY TOOK PICTURES OF YOU NAKIE!

On another note I won my very first giveaway! Thank you so much Gina @ Mother of 1 Princess and 2 Princes

These were crazy yummy!

A week later I found out I won another giveaway! I'll let yall know what it was as soon as I get it! They made my day! Hope all of you have a wonderful night yourselves!

Kirby Nicole


  1. You have 3 little cute kids...not surprised you want more hehe!

  2. I have a set of twin girls that are 9 lbs. different in weight last I checked. They are like 2 1/2 but one is like a 3 year old and one is like a 2 year old. People always ask how far apart in age they are. They can't believe they are twins!

  3. Cuties! My Gert was a pudger... I LOVED all her rolls and pudge.

    Now she's a long lean 2nd grade machine!!!


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