Tuesday, February 1, 2011

My Thrifty Candle Holder & Snow...Again...



I am kinda not liking snow anymore. Boo on me, huh?

Of course, it's beautiful, but the inside of this house is not when it snows out. I don't know why but all of us get major cabin fever and want OUT OF HERE! Maybe it's because we know we can't. BUT I plan on making the most of this day, or 3, as it's looking right now, and getting some stuff done around here! You can't really tell right now because I have been on the computer all morning long, Hubs is playing his X-box and the girls are strangling each other.


I went to Goodwill Monday to see what I could come up with before the snow storm hit and found a really cute candle holder for $2.00 and it already had the candles in there. I painted it black to match the rest of my kitchen and put it in my window above my sink. I love it!

$2 for all of that!
I already had the black spray paint so there ya go! You can't get any cheaper than that! They might as well had just given it to me, even the lady checking me out was saying what a good find I had found!
Hehehehe...(My evil laugh...)

Sadie is one up on this snow day, she's walking around the house with her hat on.

I love her little hat, I want one...

And this is what is looked like out in my backyard about an hour ago.

It's still coming down and the snow is higher now.


Ok, well maybe I will get all bundled up and go throw a snowball or two.
That sounds like a plan.

Hope yall have a great snowy cold day because it looks like everyone is getting in on this one!
Stay warm!



  1. We are in for another 10 to 15 inches tomorrow as seems to have been cancelled at least once a week since the kids have gone back, and it will be again tomorrow I'm sure. We have been getting a storm that drops at least 20 cm (8 inches)every this rate we will have snowbanks until June!
    I love your candle holder, it looks like a great buy! I love finding things like that!

  2. Great job, I need to do more finding at goodwill. Lovely & cute hat too!


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