Sunday, February 6, 2011

Lovin' My $10 Table

I found this poor little baby at a thrift store a couple of weeks ago and it was only $10! I had no idea where I was going to put it, but eh what the heck, ten bucks, come to Momma!

Once I got home with it I was looking at it thinking, ok maybe I could have done without this one, I didn't know if there was any hope for it. I thought maybe I'll just paint it and give it away or sell it...

So I let it sit.

Then this past week, I has cabin fever so bad from being in the house, snowed in all for days, that I went out to the garage and just started sanding and painting. And I didn't stop, well that is until I just couldn't paint anymore because it had to dry. Of course, I didn't take a picture of it before because it was one of those spur of the moments things, but it was an icky oak color that all the furniture used to look like. That same color. Everything was that color.

I painted it white first, Country White to be exact. And painted again, then again.  Then I got out the sandpaper and started distressing that baby everywhere I could. Then I applied a Dark Walnut stain on it, then rubbed it back off to give it some more character. The handle was brassy colored so I just simply spray painted it black a couple of times and then...

I fell in love with it! No way is this thing going anywhere but in my house! I will find a place for it somewhere!

I heart this one too...
Now I just need to go looking for a place to put it...


I've turned into a furniture hoarder.

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  1. Love it! only $10, I love finding great bargains.

  2. Hi, Kirby! The furniture now looks so fab! Awesome job you did!

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  3. Fabulous find. =) Why can't I ever find treasures at Thrift stores? I like the distressed look around the edges, great job!

    Thanks for the nice comment on my living room post. *smile*

    Big ((Hugs)) ~Liz

  4. Cool! I'm banned from any sanding, painting, or refurbishing - something about overspray on the concrete and drips... whatever!

  5. Cute table! I'm sure you'll find somewhere for it. If not I'll send you my address, he,he.

  6. This is perfect for my Ten Buck Tuesday link parties and I would love for you to link up!


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