Thursday, February 3, 2011

An Anniversary Letter (kinda) to My Hubs

Hubs, Hubbie, Jeffrey, A-Hole...My Love,

So yes this is coming a day late, but you know how I am and I tend to be a little on the late side of things sometimes. I procrastinate. I get it from my side of the family. Instead of writing this yesterday to you, (might I add on Groundhogs Day, LOVE that we got married on Groundhogs Day! Come on Spring!) I was curled up in a ball shivering from how stupid cold it is outside or playing with my I-pod. (Your fault, you got it for me, you should have known...but I do love it, since you ruined my last one!) 3 years....Feels more like 9 sometimes, I think you could agree with that! We have accomplished more in a 3 years time than it takes some couples to accomplish in 9 years! Ya know kinda like having 2 girls that are 13 months apart.

What the heck were we thinking????

We weren't but I wouldnt take them little hethens back for nothin! They look and act just like you. Very scary sometimes, I feel like you never leave the house because I have them here and the way they look at me sometimes makes me want to scream, you tend to give me the same look when I'm getting onto you about something! But you are such a wonderful Daddy to them and they love you so much and Riley, she wants to be just like you and watch and do the things you do. I could maybe one day be watching yall on WWE the way yall love to watch that together and go see them (while Mommy is left at home)! As long as Riley never drop kicks me, then we'll be good!

I love how you grow out your hair in the Winter time, because its makes you warmer, really I think you do it to irritate me because you know I love your hair short. So that's why I just cut 4 inches off of mine.

I love how you don't make me mow the yard because you have a "certain" way of doing it. Really I just love that I don't have to do any yard work but water my flowers, and you even do that for me sometimes too!

I love how it never fails, every morning, there is a wet towel, boxers, and undershirt laying on the bathroom floor. I've only told you 500 times how easy it is to put it over the rack and put the clothes in the dirty hamper, but for some reason it goes thru one ear and out the other. You do it to irritate me, huh? It's a joke to you I think...That's why I leave my Uggs right in the way of the door so you either A. trip over them or B. trip over them.

I love how you gripe about Homer constantly and say we don't need a dog, we have 3 girls, but really I think you do love him and he's a boy, he's on your side! I see you walk over there and pet him and talk to him. Yall are homies.

I love how you work your butt off at work and the minute you walk through that door instead of sitting down and doing nothing, you can't, because I'm walking out the door for work and you have your "little drama queens "(more like devils) that still have to finish eating, be dressed for bed, there's bound to be a poopy mixed in there somewhere, and tucked in every night and your still smiling when I walk thru the door that night happy to see me even though you would rather be passed out asleep. 

I love how you "forget" to take out the trash, especially on the mornings it's really cold or rainy. I time it, I know when your walking out the door that morning for work, you know it's trash day but your acting like you don't, because about 30 minutes later I get a phone call from you saying, "I'm sorry I forgot to take out the trash..again" I know buddy, it's already done, now I'm laughing because you are so predictable! Forgot the trash...puulease...On days it's nice it's always done though, so thank you for that.

Really though, I love you for just being you. You always think of us before you think of yourself. You're a hottie. You make each day worth getting up for. You actually do read my blog, so that's why I'm writing this to you. You love my cooking, even if I sneak in pasta here and there. You drink way too many Pepsi Throwbacks-pure sugar, honey, I guess it gives you energy! You let me decorate the way I want, and you laugh when I bring something else home to fix up, instead of gripe. You compliment me. You love me, I see it, yep you love me! Your stuck with me, so you better love me! I ain't going no where! I am very blessed to have you in my life and I love you more and more each and every day.

At the Bed and Breakfast in Tulsa, how relaxing and quiet was that??? We need to go back...

Yep at Rocklahoma, your gonna kill me for posting this pic...Hehehe. That day was not as quiet as the B&B was a few hours earlier...

My Shaggy for Halloween in 09', uuhh I was so sick that day, it was awful....

Good ole dating days...not so sure I remember this pic..Oops. Sorry.


Our "wedding" day.
(We did a fast wedding, spur of the moment, before we moved and I was preggo with Hayden and refused to walk down the aisle preggo, so our good friend was a preacher and married us, with no family, so Mom and Dad you are not out the woods yet, I still GET MY WEDDING! 5 year anniversary. That means ya still have 2 more years before I GET MY REAL WEDDING! Hubs...that goes for you too... 

And here we are now...
3 years later.
Happy Anniversary babe!
I love you.

And your a hottie.

Love, Your Wife


  1. Congrats, on your anniversary and cheers to many more good years!

  2. Very sweet! Great pics, too.

    I just gave you a Stylish Blogger Award. Swing on by to grab it.


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