Sunday, January 30, 2011

Cheap-O Cute Decor and Shelf!

Well it's been one of those weeks that kind of just swept me off my feet with so much to do here and there that I'm wondering what the heck happened to it? Really, it's already Sunday? It's already the end of January, what happened to the past month?

But with everything that has been going on I did manage to do over my shelf that I bought from the thrift store for $3. I knew it wouldn't take to long to do so while the kiddos were napping (Thank Goodness!) I grabbed my Diet Dr. Pepper and skipped out to the garage. When I bought it (Yes, I did forget to take a picture of it beforehand, dang it!) it was a light blue color, banged up and it actually had some different colors on it from I don't know what on there, I really don't want to know what had been on there, but I knew it just needed some paint lovin! I didn't sand it down or prime it just scrubbed at it a bit to get it clean and let it dry, then I took some of the brown paint I had left over from my side table and painted it. Let it dry, then painted it again. After it had dried I took the sandpaper to it and gave it a distressed look to have some of the blue peek out from underneath. Ta da! All done with that!

Ok, now can I express enough to yall how much I HATE to hang a shelf! I hate it, hate it hate it! The plan was to put in our bathroom because I have one wall I just can't figure out what to put on there. So I hung it up and put my decor on it and was like "Dang! That looks really good, I think I'll move it into my bedroom instead!

So I did...

I went thru the hassle of hanging the stupid thing again, completely aggravated by this time, but it was worth it because I stepped back and loved it in there! Now on with the cheap decor I have on it, I absolutely LOVED this idea from this blog Thrify and Fabuless! She had went to Dollar General and bought clear candle stick holders, a hurricane vase, rocks and a white candle and put it all together and it is FABULESS, just like her blog! (To learn how to do it just click on the her link, easy peasy stuff right there!) So I took my butt on down to Dollar General and made one myself, I love it so much I'm going to make another one! Total cost for it all was $2.50 for the vase, $1 for the candle stick holder, $1 for the bag of rocks, and I already had a white candle here, so $4.50!!!! FANTASTIC!

I went to Hobby Lobby this past week to ya know "browse" around, but you know how that goes, kinda like going into Walmart, you have to buy something and never leave empty handed, if you can do it, then God Bless You! Because I can't! So I came across this sign that said "Grow old with me, the best is yet to be" Aww that's so sweet, huh? And it would be perfect-o on my shelf!

I have a feeling the best is not yet to be just yet, I smell a little baby girl running around here laughing, and it definitely is not roses that I'm smelling....*sigh.

Ok back to the decor...I don't want to disgust you any longer...

While I was at the Dollar General I came across some fake...umm.... I guess I'll go with grass and sticks...for a dollar each and was thinking, yep, I can do something with that! I bought another hurricane vase from Goodwill a couple of weeks ago for $1 and so I put the rest of my rocks in there, I need to get some more of them things, I guess I could walk outside and gather some, but ehh to much work...I'm lazy today. I put them in there with my "grass and sticks" and there ya go, $3.00 for the whole thing! I placed it on my table next to my bed and there is a 97.9% chance it will get knocked over from little hands grabbing at it but I like it to much, I'll take the risk, luckily it's so cheap it can be replaced if need be...*sigh again...

So here they are...

Just simple and clean, yes that's me and Hubs-kissy, kissy...Riley totally grosses out when she looks at that pic. I love it! I'm actually going to do it over black and white and get a different frame for it. Any other ideas of what I might could put on there???

My cheap"grass" vase! I like it...!
Look now it might not be there tomorrow!

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  1. I like this concept. It doesn't look cheap at all. It's beautiful. You did a great job. I'm thinking that i may want to do something similar with a shelf that I got from the thrift store for 4.00. Thanks for the idea.

  2. I love buying things at the dollar store! Then I don't feel so bad when they get broke!

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  3. You did a fantastic job! It definitely doesn't look cheap at all.

    Have a nice day, Kirby!!

  4. Looks great! I love the items you chose to display.


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