Sunday, January 23, 2011

Gotta Love a Red Lamp!

Last weekend I did over a side table for my living room because it was too dang dark in there with only one lamp. Ok yes, I am kinda like a vampire, I like everything dark but when I turn on the lamp and it really doesn't help out to much and I have to squint to see what I'm reading, I need another lamp! So that is why I was on a search for a new side table, so I could add another lamp to let in a little more light in there. And to save my eyes from straining...

I hit up Goodwill once again on a hunt for a lamp. A cheap lamp that needed another chance of life! And I found her! (Yes, she's a a girl!) Sitting there lonely, banged up, paint chipping, silver grossness color and leaning without a lamp shade. Calling out to me...


I paid $2.00 for the lamp and a new little dress for her (the lampshade) was only a $1.00! And I LOVE  her new dress! I didn't have to do a thing to the lamp shade! I already had a light bulb laying around so $3.00 for lamp! Ya can't beat that!

She was a little banged up at the bottom and leaning so I got out the hammer and hammered it back in where it was all jacked up looking and tightened it back up again. I knew I wanted it to be red (I have a red accent wall in my living room so I needed some more red to pop out in there somewhere) so I bought some red spray paint in Cherry Red and painted her all up with 3 different coats and then rubbed a Dark Walnut stain on it and rubbed it back off to give her a little more character and this is what it came out to be:

I Heart it!

This is what she looked like before:

Eek! Silvery grossness right here...
I bet the people who donated this didn't know she just needed some lovin' to her to make her brand new again!

I actually loved the red lamp so much that I was sitting there admiring my new one and looked at my other lamp that was in the living room, I didn't say a word, got up unplugged it, put her under my arms, walked outside and painted her up also! I mean why not??? Just picture her being gold before...

I added her on top of that new side table I did, and I just love the red on top of the brown color! It makes it pop out a little more! Perfection!

What do you all think?
I'm looking around my house seeing what else I can take outside and paint...I'm on a painting rampage and can't be stopped!

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  1. You did such a great job! I love how brilliant in color the red is. It really does dress it up and it's beautiful. Did you buy the shade that way or did you create the shade too? Love it!

  2. Don't you love what a little paint can do? Your lamps look terrific! My BFF is pressuring me to just oil up the Craigslist table and EBay it, but I think I'm going with the original plan of painting it and putting it in SB's room. Thanks for this power of paint post.

  3. WOW....what a fabulous lamp! You did a great job re-vamping it. I love the shades too. I love the color red, very nice! =) XOXO ~Liz

    P.S. Thank you for commenting on my topiary post. Yes, I am glad the snow has melted too. Guess what? Today is teacher's workshop day, so no school---AGAIN!! I had no idea that January was going to be stay home with mom!

  4. painting must be addictive, b/c my sister has gone through the same thing...she's painted half the stuff in her house! She posted some things on her blog if u want to check them out ( Y'all make me want to go paint something. Except it's too cold outside!

  5. I love a good lamp makeover and your's is fab! That red is so hot and the shade ROCKS :D
    Thanks for linking up to "AMAZE Me Monday" blog party.

  6. Kirby,
    LOVE both the lamps! My kitchen is red and I think I might just do that with a lamp that I have on my counter bar!! And I love the shades too!

    Thanks for stopping by and your kind comment!!

  7. What paint did you use, is it spray or brush and what is the red, love it. You sure gave that lamp a new life, very nice. I am looking around now wondering what I can change-up. My husband is going to kill me, haha :)

  8. Great job on the lamps! The red looks so much more sassy than the tired old silver..


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