Tuesday, January 11, 2011

Ramblings to get me going again....

Alright, I know I have been a major letdown to blogging lately, I realize this.

I have completely legit excuses though.

As always.

My hubs tells me I'm the "Queen of Excuses", and I'm kinda starting to take him serious on this one, but then again, were all kinda full of excuses at one time or another. I tell him "it is not excuses, it's the truth!" He then rolls his eyes and walks out of the room. I act like I'm kicking him in the butt and go about with whatever it was I was doing. Simple as that.

I don't know what it was about this past holiday but it wore me the heck out! I still feel like I cannot catch up, I actually still have not caught up now that I get to thinking about it. We still have presents in boxes that I have put on top of closets just to get it out of the middle of the floor, I finally managed to pick up the girls rooms so you could actually see their floors. I still have a load of whites to do from who knows when??? I did clean out my seasoning cabinet only because my grandma bought me a new spice rack and I was excited to chunk some of the old ones out. I cleaned out my medicine cabinet because I was tired of Tums and Melatonin bottles falling out every time I opened the door. (Why does the medicine cabinet get so out of control?) Granted, its the same place I keep bills and other useless stuff. Yep folks, thats where I'm at, bills are useless! Ha! I wish! I wont even get started on my linen closet. I'm just going at it one thing at a time, if I try to do it all at once in a couple of days time, I get pissy! Sad thing, but I was pretty thrilled to take down all of my Christmas decor this year, it made my house look clean and organized once again...until you look in the cabinets and closets that is. Oh well it will clean one day, someday.

On top of all of this, we all got sick...again. First, Hayden, of course, she's a walking stomach bug. She started on Thursday night and then Hubs on Sunday a.m., Me-Sunday afternoon, and Riley-Sunday night. I felt like there was this green cloud over our house, you walk in that door and DING! your leaving throwing up!

So I havent been cooking a whole lot the past week or so. Lots of chicken noodle soup, crackers, and 7-up. Great diet. Speaking of diets...I ate one oreo truffle and candy cane kiss too many in the past month. My pants are not happy with me! So when we got home from my parents house I threw them all out, every last one of them. I'm weak. If they are here looking at me, I will eat them! I'm kinda tearing up now thinking about it, I NEED ONE! Were snowed in to make matters even better. I won't even get into how cold it is. My nose and toes have been cold for hours now. Even with my socks and Uggs on, its not helping a whole lot.

I'm off this weekend which I'm super excited about and I feel like thrifting!!!! I want to go check out all the thrift stores around here, Hubs actually likes going to those stores too, so that's my plan for this weekend. I have lots of things I want to do around this house. Hubs has a dresser that I HATE. It's just out dated, nothing really wrong with it, I just dont like it, so I'm going to do it over. Granted I have never repainted or redone any furniture so if any one has any tips, I'm all for it! I want to do our room over, its too dark. I want to brighten it up. Were going to move Riley back into her own room and move Sadie back in with Hayden sometime, so I'm going to do something different with Riley's room. I got a realy cute end table for 15 bucks this past weekend at a resale shop I go to. I'm sure the people that work their got a big kick out of me trying to squeeze that thing in my backseat with 3 carseats back there. I had an incredible nice choice of words going on as I was doing it! I smashed my finger, ok? It hurt! Lots of plans, feel like too little time, so I'm not going to stress, just get it done when I can. I need to get back to regular blogging again too. I miss you guys! So I'm back, I've breaked long enough! This was just a starter of ramblings to get me going again!

See yall tomorrow!

Love, Kirb

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