Tuesday, November 16, 2010

I'm still alive...barely...

Ok so I know I have been MIA for awhile now.

Don't De-Follow me...

I'll cry.

Kiddos have been sick. And when I say sick I mean like really-pathetic-you-feel-so-sorry-for-them-you-wish-it-was-yourself sick. I've been to the doctors office twice in that past several days. I bet they see me rolling in there with my caravan (my double stroller, its so big I feel like its a caravan, you need a license to steer that sucker!) and they want to go run and hide!

It's that bad.

They are both always arguing and throwing down sippy cups or screaming for a dum-dum sucker and wanting out. I truly believe they know darn well where they are at and thats why they act the way they do. They have the sense a needle is going to be coming for their chubby legs and poke them. Oh and when the doc walks in, its all over with! They have had it, they want out of that exam room and want out NOW! And then 2 hours later I walk out of there wanting to cry and drink a whole bottle of wine and to burn down the place for poking my babies.

So anyways, were hoping to get over this stomach bug that is going around because I dont know how much more throw up I can handle, I have a super weak stomach when it comes to smells and the smell of throw up does it for me. One look and whiff of it and I'm leaning over the sink or whatever is close to me throwing up myself. I'll gag at the drop of a hat, it really doesnt matter what it is, if it looks or smells gross-I'm gagging. Kinda like on Ace Ventura Pet Detective when he's always gagging, that's me! My dad gets a big kick out of it, I can picture his grin now when he see's me gagging...I'll have to gag about something at Christmas when I see him again to get that grin out of him, its funny because he's tries so hard not to do it. I'm on to him...

So this past Sunday morning, the scenerio was this:

Look behind me
Hayden is blowing chunks
I lean over the sink
There goes my coffee.

That was a totally gross scenerio, huh?

Well it happened folks and it SUCKED!

I hate throwing up.  I hate seeing my kids throw up. I can see it on t.v and think it's hilarious when I see someone else doing it, ok its not hilarious but if your watching Jackass then it sure the heck is! I have never had to deal with the whole throw up thing before, so this is freaking me out! I would rather change a gross of the grossest diaper than throw up! I'm gagging a little now as I'm writing about this just thinking about it.

New subject/illness.

Ear infections. They aren't too cool either...

I went in last week thinking I was just getting Sadie's 16 month shots and a well child check-up and left with a presciption for amoxicillin, a baby glaring at me for having the docs look in her ear with a scary pointy flashlight thingie, and an extra Bugs Bunny band-aid on the other leg for a flu shot. I guess that is was why she was running fever too, I honestly thought it was the 4 teeth she was cutting! I think shes still holding a grudge on me because she has refused to take her medicine, I have to literally shove it down her throat and then blow in her face to make her swallow it.

Mad parenting skills going on there! Take notes...

Hubs had a bad reaction to his flu shot last week also and so basically this whole household is a sick trap, walk in here and your walking out with some sort of infection or virus. Luckily, I'm probaby jinxing myself, Riley and I have got off scotch free so far. They say this stomach flu is highly contagious so we'll see if I wake up in the middle of the night throwing my guts up too.

This blog is so positive and bright and bubbly today, huh???

We decorated her turkey last night for her school family project. We had to disguise her turkey so the "farmer" wouldnt eat it so she wanted it to be a "Santa Turkey". I could not find any dang cotton in my house to put on there for his beard so I cut open a little bitty slit on my couch pillow to yank a little bit out of it and glued it on her turkey. Worked like a charm. I bet shes got the best darn turkey in Kindergarten! The beard is real, not just colored on!

Thats major dedication right there. Another one of those mad parenting skills...

So thats where I've been and what's been going on around here! Between working almost every night and all weekend long and coming home to sickly kids on my side of the bed that have kicked me out and I have to sleep in theirs, yea thats where I've been.

Hopefully tomorrow I'll be able to post some yummy recipes I've had sitting around here waiting for me to share them with all of you! I have alot of catching up on all of yours just as well! Can't wait to see what you all have cooked up!



  1. OMG! You poor thing! I've been wondering about you. Hopefully you don't get it too. "They" are right. That stomach bug thing that's been going around is absolutely awful. Snuggle Bunny had it last week and now his brother's throwing up(claims he's fine, though.) When everything is back to normal, you deserve a night out with some wine and friends. Make sure it happens.

  2. You poor thing! Reading about it makes me feel so relieved my caring for my young boys's days are over! Hope your kids are much better now. Cheers! There are better days ahead!

  3. I'm feeling so sorry for you having to deal with the barfing and shots and all of that! Hope it breezes through the house quickly. Look at it this're getting it out of the way before Thanksgiving! Looking forward to more recipes.

  4. I hope the kids feel better and fingers crossed that you do not catch it!

  5. Hope you guys are all feeling better!

  6. Aw, I hope everyone is feeling better and I have a weak stomach too! I feel for you. You definitely deserve a night out with friends (and wine)!


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